Hotels in Mirdite

The district of Mirdita is one of the thirty-six districts of Albania. Its capital is Rreshen. The two main rivers, the Big and the Small Fan (Fani i Madh e Fani i Vogel) attract all the people passionate of fishing. In Mirdita can be visited many monuments recognized also by the Ministry of Tourism. Archaeological excavations done in different places like Perlat, Baz, Urake tells about an presence of Illyrian people since VIII-VII B.C. The most important find, not only for Mirdita, is the Arber’s Emblem founded at Geziq, in the ruins of one old church. The emblem represent an eagle, symbol of Dukagjin. Another ancient monument is the water supplies of Domgjoni also known as the Fountain of Domgjoni, the only of its kind in our country. Mirdita is the only place that has capped and preserved their own traditions and habits. Visit Mirdite, Albania and book hotels in Mirdite online.